• What is the price for translations/proofreadings?

    Generally you pay per word when it comes to translations, and per hour when it comes to proofreading. The price depends on the difficulty of the text, the language combination and the turnaround time. To be able to give you an exact price we need to see the text you wish to have translated.


  • What is the turnaround time?

    The turnaround time for the order is always decided together with the customer. Whether the order has to be done immediately or not, we always try to come up with a solution. Aspects that can affect the turnaround time are for example the difficulty level of the text, the extent of the work and the language combination. When it comes to more extensive work, we gladly deliver texts gradually.


  • What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the translation?

    The most important thing for us is that you, as a customer, are satisfied with the translation. If you are dissatisfied with something in the translation, for example choice of terminology or words, or the style or flow, it is important that you tell us. We will do our best to solve the situation the best possible way in close cooperation with you.

  • How can I be certain that the translation is of good quality?

    All our translators either have an education in translation or 5 years experience of translations in the specific area. Along the way, we also like to have a dialogue with you as a customer, since you are the one that knows your business the best.

  • Can we get a short text translated before we decide to make an order?

    In all translation assignments, a free test translation (about 150 words) is included in the price. If you, for some reason, aren't satisfied with the translation you don't have to proceed with the order. The most important thing for us is that you, the customer, are satisfied with the translation.

  • When do you invoice?

    When it comes to smaller jobs we will send you an invoice after completed assignment. For greater orders or consecutive translations we will send you a monthly invoice, unless otherwise agreed.


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